Entertaining Yourself in Colorado Springs

If you’re visiting Colorado this summer (or any time throughout the year) and are looking for a few fun things to see and do in Colorado Springs, I have some recommendations.

I was in Colorado in February.  The plan was to spend a few days in Denver and take a daytrip down to Colorado Springs.  Years ago, I was an intern with the US Olympic Committee and lived in Colorado Springs for the summer. I loved it, but it had been many years since I’d been back.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t count on was getting exceptionally sick with some sort of stomach bug on my first day in Denver.

Our Denver hotel was not great, and I wanted to spend as little time in the room as possible.  So we continued on with our plans realizing that we would have to likely skip some activities.  My partner said the main thing he wanted to see in Colorado Springs was the National Museum of World War II Aviation located out by the Colorado Springs Airport.  So we decided to see that first.  We’re both big aviation buffs, so I was very much looking forward to this.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a very friendly lady at the front desk who explained what all the Museum has to offer. We had limited time because there were other things we wanted to see and do, and I wasn’t feeling well.  So we didn’t do the guided tour, but instead checked out the various exhibitions. They were extraordinary. Very well done. I loved seeing the aircraft, but I also thought the artifacts and explanations were equally as fascinating. We were able to go through a quick walk-through of the Westpac hangar thanks to Phil. That was really something to see. Wow! Phil and all the staff there were very friendly, helpful, and full of knowledge. This is one of those attractions to check out, especially if you are interested in aviation.

Olympic Glory

A throwback to my visit back in 2003 to the Olympic Training Center.

Of course, having worked for the US Olympic Committee (USOC), I highly recommend visiting the Olympic Training Center for a tour.  This place is incredible.  You can get an inside look into the facilities where aspiring Olympians train. Before I interned with the USOC, my parents and I visited Colorado Springs one summer and did the tour.  I was hooked, and having the opportunity to work there and experience the facilities where Olympians train was really cool.

Other sites to visit – The Garden of the Gods, Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs

Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs are interesting to walk around.  There are some unique shops and a variety of restaurants.  While visiting, also check out Colorado Springs’ famous Garden of the Gods.  The scenery is beautiful (though I would argue that now that I live in Arizona, some of our scenery is more stunning).  It’s definitely worth taking the time to do a short (or a long hike) to see the park.  We did a short little stroll because I was feeling so terrible.  The park was very crowded though (we were there on a Saturday); so if you are going, go early.

The always beautiful Broadmoor Resort.

Colorado Springs has a lot more to offer. From Pikes Peak to unique excursions surrounding the area, it’s worth a visit. Check out the Colorado Springs Visitor’s Bureau for more ideas on activities as well as info on hotels and restaurants. Of note, I had been looking forward to eating at Fazoli’s for months since they no longer have them in Arizona, and I love the breadsticks. That sadly didn’t happen, but there are many other restaurants throughout town that are worth a visit. Do check out Yelp for recommended options.


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