A Jaunt Through Montenegro

Since college, a dream of mine has been to visit the Adriatic and Croatia and Montenegro.  In 2012, I had the opportunity to visit Slovenia (which should be on EVERYONE’s bucket list) and northern Croatia.  Last May, I visited Dubrovnik and did a day-trip to Montenegro as part of a five country 40th birthday extravaganza for my partner.  The one thing I really wanted to see was Montenegro, and I’m so glad that we did and we hired a guide rather than renting a car and doing it ourselves (I very rarely say this).

I found our tour company – Cheap Dubrovnik Tours on TripAdvisor. Our tour guide, Andro who was originally from Montenegro, was so enthusiastic about sharing his country with us. He gave us a phenomenal overview of each area we passed through, including an extensive insight into Montenegro’s unique history. I’m a history buff, and the information I learned in just one day was more insightful than a semesters worth of college! Andro asked our interests as we got started to ensure that we saw things to our liking. We stopped a few places along the way for photos and incredible views.

Here’s what I think is worthwhile:

  • Herceg Novi – grab a coffee and a quick bite to eat.  We enjoyed having a cake and coffee at a little café overlooking the water with wonderful views and very reasonable prices.  Then, do a brief walk around the city.  Many tour companies skip Herceg Novi.  Don’t. I think it’s worth a quick stop. There were several hidden gems here, including a fortress turned outdoor cinema and little alleyways throughout town.

  • Perast – We liked this place so much, we stopped twice! What an amazing little town. Oh the views! We took the boat to the island to see a church and museum. Then, we explored the town.  It’s not huge, but just sitting by the shore observing the lake and the mountains is calming and so enjoyable.  When we came back the second time, we were going to eat at a little restaurant on the water. Sadly, a downpour happened and we ended up going to another restaurant, very idyllic, outside of town.

  • Kotor – I loved Kotor. I actually enjoyed it more than Dubrovnik. The Old Town didn’t seem so overrun with tourists.  There were lots of little shops, and I thought the prices were good. There were also several beautiful churches we visited, and we had a refreshing stop for gelato.  If you’re feeling ambitious, you can climb up the mountain and get some great views. We weren’t that ambitious the day we visited.

All in all, I can’t recommend Andro and Cheap Dubrovnik Tours enough.  I also highly recommend Montenegro.  I don’t know what it would have been like staying there multiple days, but we absolutely loved our full-day tour down there.


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